Calendar of Events


The SELFISH Woman’s Club!

For those of you living in the Austin, TX area, I have started a meet-up group called “The SELFISH Woman’s Club.”


Here is the link for the group:

We will be meeting at Brio Tuscan Grill in the Arboretum, on their beautiful patio.

I invite you to join the club.  You will be updated on the topic/speakers for each mini-workshop, and other happy hours will will have through out the month. We don’t want to get bored, do we?

The SELFISH Woman’s Club was created to show women how to spin a negative life experience into a transformational springboard for their brilliant new life. I will show you have to make your divorce (or whatever!) the best thing that ever happened to you!

We will have a couple of happy hours a month for networking, socializing and fun. Then the second Monday of each month we will get together for fun, food, friendship and a mini-workshop based on my proven SELFISH System. SELFISH is an acronym for seven aspects of your life that need to be reassessed, reinvented and redirected for a positive recovery and reinvention after divorce.

Together we are going to set the world on fire, one woman at a time!

See you there!