Rebuild Life After Divorce for Women

What are you going to do with the rest of your life? You realize that how this turns out is ALL in your control, right?

Bad things happen to everybody, but it’s how we choose to respond that dictates the outcome.

I want to offer a few things to think about when you rebuild life after divorce.

1 – Choose to live with passion and purpose!

2 – Choose to create the life of your dreams!

3 – Choose to live a healthy, active lifestyle!

4 – Choose to be happy!

5 – Choose to make this world a better place than it was when you got here!

That may sound big. Maybe even insurmountable. But you would be shocked how easy and natural it really is when you tap into your true and authentic self. It is much easier than conforming to what someone else wants you to be. One gives life, and one sucks it out of you.

It’s time to see the world differently – time to see yourself differently. It’s time to see yourself unfolding before your very eyes!

You  have probably suppressed your true self for so long, you forgot you were in there, smoldering, waiting to be set free. Chances are you were living in fear. Fear of losing what you thought you had, but really didn’t.

I have a completely different attitude about my self and my life now. I will never see myself the same way again. Thank You God!

And now it is YOUR turn! It is your turn to reassess how you are living your life. It is your turn to redirect your choices toward living with passion and purpose. It is your turn to choose to be happy!

How exciting is that? To be given a second chance to live up to your potential! To live with passion and purpose! To be happy! And only YOU can make that happen.

My challenge for you is to search your soul, ask yourself the following questions, and then to listen to your answers honestly:

– “Is this how I want to live the next half of my life?”

– “Do I have a passion and purpose in my life?”

– “Am I living my Dream Life?

– “Am I happy?

There will never be a better time to rebuild your life after divorce than now and I can help. What are you waiting for?

No really – What are you waiting for???

Until next time,

Happy Living!

Christia Sale

The Most SELFISH Woman in America!

Women’s Life-After-Divorce Expert

P.S. Would you like to share your journey when you rebuild life after divorce? Leave a comment and we will chat! Cheers!

Women Changing From Parenthood to Singlehood After Divorce

Let me start by saying that when women have gotten divorced, their children fill an important need – the need to be needed.

Today, when talking to my son about how he wanted to celebrate his birthday, I realized that he, and I, had officially changed from one phase of life to another. He was turning 18 years old, and I realized that he was not as easily entertained as he used to be.

Where I used to take the kids to the grocery store to buy their favorite foods on their birthday (because I am strict about what they eat at home), now it isn’t “special” anymore. Where I used to take them to their favorite place to eat or favorite thing to do, now it doesn’t have the appeal it once had.

So, there we are… talking about how different life is now. How he has already started his journey of finding himself, and I can’t participate anymore. I can be there in the background, emotionally and financially supporting him, but am no longer involved in his daily decision making about his future. He has started down his own path of self-awareness.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in parenting is when to stop parenting.

The reality of that hit me directly in the heart! Right between my need to nurture and my [Read more…]