Change Your World Fast! The Power of Attitude!

220px-Mae_West_LATThe fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to change your world fast is to change your ATTITUDE! 

When people start to question what they are doing with their life, “is this all there is…,” there is a major shift that takes place.

A pivotal point when you decide you are not going to do this anymore. You don’t want this anymore.

It’s time to change your world fast!

Enter SELFISH stage right!

As explained in my book, here is a recap of the acronym for the word SELFISH:

S – Self-first; self-love; self-fulfillment

E – Energetic lifestyle; physically and socially active

L – Laughter; choosing a positive attitude; enjoying life and being totally engaged in every moment;

F – Feeding your body with clean, lean, unprocessed foods;

I – Intelligence; feeding your mind and soul through traveling, exploring, learning and loving;

S – Success; being the successful, powerful woman you were meant to be;

H – Happy; being happy with the New You and the new life you have created.

Now, with that in mind, I say again – the fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to change your world fast is to change your ATTITUDE!

No one can make you feel anything you don’t let yourself feel. Only you can accept feelings.

Once you embrace this power and control that you already possess, you can change your world quickly.

You may need a little guidance learning how to use this power wisely, which is where I come in. But with this new reality, your world has already shifted. You will never be the same again.

Attitude is the difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t. Attitude is the difference between people that we are drawn to and those who repel us. Attitude is the difference between those who are the bright light in a room, and those who are the dark cloud.

Which do you want to be? Because it is all in your control.

It is all in your ATTITUDE.

“If you believe it, they believe it.” Remember those words.

Mae West is a good example. She wasn’t a raving beauty – by any means. But she believed she was powerfully attractive, which made her powerfully attractive. She had a magnetism that was palpable – by men and women alike. She believed that she was the most attractive woman in the room, and in turn, everyone else in the room believed it and felt it.

ATTITUDE is everything. “If you believe it, they believe it.”

In the first chapter of my book, I talk about living “as if.” Living your life as if you already are who you will be. Totally embracing that person, seeing that person in your own eyes, being that person in everything you do, living your life as that person, because you already are that person.  It’s all in your ATTITUDE.

So, now the goal is to get you to believe it. Whatever it is that you want to be, whomever it is that you want to be, you just have to believe it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

And they will try my friend, they will try. It makes people uncomfortable to have someone in their space that is strong enough make such a major change. It threatens their own power.

“She can’t do that!” “What makes her think that she can do that?” “Who does she think she is?”

When you stop taking what other people say personally, it doesn’t matter what they say anymore. You strip them of their power over you by not accepting the feelings they are trying to project onto you.

It’s time for you to be true to YOU! It isn’t important what they think anymore. It’s your turn to decide how the rest of your life is going to turn out.

ATTITUDE! ATTITUDE! ATTITUDE! Remember those three words! They will change your world fast!

Until next time,

Happy Living!

Christia Sale

The Most SELFISH Woman in America!

Women’s Life After Divorce Expert

P.S. Do you think this is an ATTITUDE  you can embrace? Do you think you can reinvent yourself by changing the way you see yourself?

Tell me about it. Let’s start talking about how to make this your reality. You can help each other just by starting a conversation. Leave a comment and let’s get this thing started!

Also, feel free to share this message with those who need it. The world doesn’t need unhappy women in it. And we can change that one woman at a time.


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