Divorce Recovery 101 – Purge Negative Energy

531843_620430121305329_1575858389_nRemember when we started our Divorce Recovery 101 series? Well it’s back!

And today we are going to address how to purge negative energy from your life.

I mean all types of negative energy; people, situations, input, movies, TV… get the idea?

But especially people.

I want you to start listening to your intuition. When you meet someone, listen to your inner GPS, pay attention to the energy you feel from them. You can literally feel someone’s negative energy, and positive energy for that matter.

Even if you don’t feel it immediately, you can sense it in the way they react to others. If they make negative, judgmental comments about others freely, they have negative energy. If they are harsh in responding to people or situations, they have negative energy.

You know the kind, they seem to be everybody’s friend, until something happens and their fangs come out.

Or you are at a restaurant together, and they treat the waitstaff like second class citizens.

Or you are riding in a car together, and they start cussing at the other drivers.

Some people are very talented at hiding that side of themselves. That is how they are tolerated for so long… and how they get away with perpetuating negative energy.

I’m here to tell you that we don’t need anymore of that in this world! Life is too short to be around that type of mentality. And that is your choice. You can either be around them or NOT be around them. My vote is NOT!

Purge negative energy from your life! I promise, your world will be better for it.

If we make a conscious effort to not tolerate that kind of treatment of other people, we are breaking the cycle. We are leading and teaching by example. We are making this world better than it was when we got here.

Here are three ways to purge negative energy from your life:

1) Be very selective on the input you let into your world. No one says you have to watch the news all the time, or read the papers all the time. Those are the two most negative inputs we have bombarding us with sensational negativity – on purpose! News conglomerates think that the more sensational the story, the more you will tune in, or buy copies. Don’t prove them right.

2) Stop participating in the negative. Don’t engage in the chaos of others. Don’t get sucked into being a part of it, or even listening to it. Choose not to be around it, in whatever form it takes, but especially people. Negative people feed off the reactions of others. If they don’t get the reaction they want, they will go else where for it, to someone weaker than you.

3) Be aware of your own ways of reacting to other people and situations. If you notice that you are the one that cusses at the other drivers, or is short with the waitstaff, make a conscious effort to stop. We can’t expect others to break the negative cycle if we can’t do it ourselves.

You will be amazed that you can actually limit the amount of negativity in your life just by the decisions you make, what you choose to expose yourself to and who you choose to be around.

Take ownership of your world, your surroundings, your life. Take responsibility for your own happiness. It is in your control.

It’s all in your decision making. So decide to purge negative energy from your life and change your world immediately.

You can see why this is an important step in Divorce Recovery 101.

Now – go out there and change your life!

Until next time,

Happy Living!

Christia Sale

The Most SELFISH Woman in America!

Women’s Life After Divorce Expert

P.S. What is the first negative source that you are going to purge from your life? If it’s a person, how are you going to do it?

We can help you with that, just leave a comment and start a discussion. We’re here to help.



  1. Colleen says:

    All the negative things I was told as a child. I’m 51 and it’s time to say, Yes I can.

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