Divorced Woman’s 5 Tips to Happiness


To divorced women everywhere: if you are emotionally depleted, physically exhausted, completely spent, come sit by me. By the time I’m done with you, YOU are going to be HAPPY!

Here are my 5 Best Tips to Happiness:

1) Stop telling that old story: stop feeding your past a lifeline; stop reliving those painful feelings every time you tell your story. As long as you continue to talk about the past,  it will have power over you. Pull that plug before it turns back into the monster you are so desperately trying to escape from! Also, stop using that story as the reason you are not happy now. That is just a cop-out!

2) Start seeing yourself and your life differently:  One of the easiest, cheapest, most effective ways of changing your world is completely in your control! And it’s all in how you choose to see yourself and your world. You already have everything you need inside of YOU right now to be happy! You are only a victim if you choose to respond that way. You can just as easily be the victor. Bad things happen to everybody, but your response to it dictates how this is going to turn out. Don’t let someone else write your ending. YOU be the leading lady in your own life!

3) Stop taking everything personally: For some reason, and I was the worst, we take everything that happens as either a reflection of ourselves, or as if we were responsible for how things turned out. That’s crazy! We have to relinquish control over the things we have no control over. It will be one of the most liberating things you ever do for yourself! When you stop taking things personally, you realize that most of the negativity we encounter is from other people’s ego, all the emotional baggage they are dragging around with them, trying to pawn off on us.

4) Start living from your highest calling: You have a purpose that no one else has. You are unique for a reason. And if you’re honest with yourself, and listen to your heart, with no editing, you know what your passion is. Be true to that passion, and make it your life’s calling. Make it into your livelihood. You will never feel like you are working again! And I’m not questioning what you’ve been doing up to this point. I’m just reminding you that you have God-given talents and passions that you can use to find your purpose in this next phase of your life.

And – drum roll….

5) Start taking responsibility for your own happiness: Because it is a choice – a conscious choice that you have control over. You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad. You can have a positive response to life or you can be negative, cynical and miserable, and if that’s you choice, stay away from me! Most of us were taught that our happiness was dependent on things or events or people. But the reality is that your happiness is a conscious decision that you make for yourself. No one can make you feel any emotion that you do not accept and let yourself feel. And, in turn, no one can make you happy but YOU.

YOU can choreograph your own dance to the music that is life! Dance Sister Dance!

Until next time,

Happy Living!

Christia Sale

The Most Selfish Woman in America!

Women’s Life After Divorce Expert

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