Divorced Women’s Definition of SELFISH

Ok, finally, here is the meaning of SELFISH, as in The Most Selfish Woman in America:

S – being selfish for a change, thinking of yourself first, not last anymore, because IT’S YOUR TURN! Dammit!

E – living an energetic lifestyle

L – laughing, enjoying life, and choosing a positive response to life

F – feeding your body with clean, lean, natural foods

I – intelligence – feeding your mind and soul through traveling, learning and loving

S – being the successful, powerful woman you were meant to be

H – being happy with yourself and the new life you’ve created.

That’s my definition of SELFISH.

It is truly being a dynamic, powerful woman who enjoys life to the fullest. It’s teaching others to do the same. It’s spreading the word that we can all be that vibrant force we were born to be.

Newly divorced women need to hear this message. They need to be reminded that they can rise up out of the darkness, and be the fabulous person they were meant to be.

Somehow we get lost in our “life.” We get lost in our job as mother, comforter, protector, nurturer, wife. Then, when that period of our life is over, we aren’t quite sure how we got “lost” in the first place. It happened so fast. With no warning. That’s all we know.

Well not any more! Things have changed. Quickly! So it’s time to regroup, and think of yourself first for a change.

It’s time to live my definition of SELFISH! And with no regrets! The term SELFISH is only offensive to those who don’t know what I’m talking about. And they aren’t a part of this conversation.

It is about pulling yourself up, and living the life you were always meant to live. To be the person God meant for you to be. To be a leader, not a victim.

And you can achieve all of this if you have the courage to trust yourself, and believe you can be the best woman you can be. It’s all in your control!

Happy Living!


The Most Selfish Woman in America!


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