New Start, Clean Slate – What are You Going to do With Yours?

What ARE you going to do with yours? I know you are thinking about it now… with the best intentions….

I want to offer a few suggestions to think about in your mission to fix all of your wrongs by making a list of intentional rights.

New Year’s Resolutions:

#1 – Resolve yourself to having more fun!

#2 – Live a healthy, active lifestyle!

#3 – See something spectacular this year!

#4 – Feel something spectacular this year!

#5 – Live with passion and purpose!

#6 – Choose to be happy!

#7 – Choose to make this world a better place than it was when you got here!

There you have it. My suggestions for New Year’s resolutions, or should I say intentions. We start with the best intentions, and then as life unfolds, we forget them. But if we will embrace the lifestyle that incorporates these goals, we can’t help but be happier.

In reflecting back on what I did and learned last year, I am totally sold on living an adventure. You have to put yourself out there, though. You have to stretch beyond your comfort zone, and open yourself up to new experiences. And you’ve got to be cool with the unknown, which was challenging at times, to say the least.

But I see the world differently now. I see myself differently now. And I like it!

I have never been so open to what the Universe will offer me than I am now. I feel like I am blooming, unfolding before my very eyes. Who knew?

I guess I had suppressed my true self for so long, I forgot I was in there, burning, waiting to be set free. I think I was living in fear. Fear of losing what I thought I had, but really didn’t.

I have a whole different attitude about my self and my life. I will never see myself the same way again. Thank You God!

And now it is YOUR turn! It is your turn to reassess how you are living your life. It is your turn to redirect your choices toward living with passion and purpose. It is your turn to find that passion and purpose!

How exciting is that? To get a new chance to live up to your potential! To live with passion and purpose! And only YOU can make that happen.

My challenge for you is to search your soul, ask yourself the following questions, and then to listen to your answers Рhonestly:

– “Is this how I want to live the next half of my life?”

– “Do I have a passion and purpose in my work, and is it fulfilling?”

– “Am I using my gifts and talents?”

– “Is my life having a positive impact on this world?”

– “Am I living my Dream Life?”

– “Am I happy?”

There will never be a better time to be true to your passion and purpose than now. What are you waiting for?

Really – What are you waiting for???

May your New Year and your dreams come together as one healthy, happy life. This is my wish for you.

Happy New Year Everybody! And until next time,


Christia Sale

The Most SELFISH Woman in America!

Women’s Life-After-Divorce Expert







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