Reinvention–The Road You Have to Travel

On this road to reinvention, sometimes you find yourself just paddling along, not quite as energized as you first were with the idea of change.

It’s not because you’ve changed your mind, by any means! It’s just like you are taking a breather. Taking time to absorb the dynamics of the change that you have already experienced. You are in uncharted waters and are being confronted with new skill sets required to achieve your goals.

I find myself confronted with things I have no past experience with, yet the knowledge is required for accomplishing my goals. So I’m having to take time to learn them, which is making me feel like my efforts are being diluted.

I feel like I’m loosing momentum from having to divert my focus, but when I look at the overall picture, I realize that I’m still “focusing on my goals”, I’m just having to include a new learning component into my overall plan for success.

These are normal bumps on the road to success. That being said, it still takes you back a bit. You still have to remember where you came from, and where you are going.

This is where daily affirmations and your CPR come into play. Daily affirmations reinforce your commitment to change, and CPR keeps you on track.

As you recall, affirmations are three part statements of gratitude for traits that you have, are working on, and want to have. For example, “Thank you God that I AM healthy, thank you God that I AM disciplined, and thank you God I AM determined, consistent and successful.”

CPR, as Jeff Herring puts it, stands for consistent, persistent and resistant. Consistent in our action toward accomplishing our goals, persistent in our drive toward those goals, and resistant to setbacks, and to all those who may tell us we can’t do it.

So, obviously, this is one of those times that needs the “resistance” part of the CPR equation. Be resistant to setbacks that come from lack of knowledge.

I can do that! I just have to readjust. Which we all have to do when the logistics of our plan needs a reality check. And they all do. We can’t know everything, all the time! The control freak in me hates saying that, but it’s true.┬áSo be it!

I can learn anything I need to know to be successful. I WILL learn anything I need to know to be successful! I AM consistent, and I AM persistent! Can I get an Amen!

Don’t worry… I’m back on track now… it just took me a minute ….

Happy Living!

Christia Sale

The Most Selfish Woman in America!


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