It’s Time To Get Out There!

Let me start by saying that this year one of our goals is to enjoy life more! To have more fun, meet more people, enjoy your environment and hopefully contribute somehow to the greater good. And if you have read my book, you know that I am a big promoter of enjoying life! Now, that being said….

The season has changed, the weather has too, and the birds are carrying on like they are at a Sting concert!

It’s Nature’s invitation for us to get out there and party! Enjoy her wealth of offerings. Watch her domain come back to life, which is how Nature makes me feel. Alive!

When I see the green leaves and the tender sprouts appear as if on stage. I am the first one to applaud! I am a sucker for Nature. I feel closer to the Universe when I go outside and just sit in the sunshine, listening to the birds, feeling the breeze on my face. If I could bottle that feeling, I would be a bazillionaire! And yes, I would share, of course.

People take the vibrations of Nature for granted. They will enjoy the occasional blooming flower, but complain when the rain makes it harder to get to work.

There is a power in Nature that can feed your very soul if you learn how to tap into it. But that would require you to slow down, get out of the car, and listen… feel… breathe.

I have noticed that I see more [Read more…]

Enjoy Recovering from Divorce

It is important to enjoy yourself now more than ever. One way to accomplish this is to explore the activities your area has to offer.

I live in Austin where a river runs through downtown. There are rowing and kayaking businesses that offer access for everyone. If you are a novice, they will teach you. If you know how to row, you can go off on your own. They also offer events where you can start at one end of the river, and row down to the other end and watch the bats come out of the Congress Ave. bridge to fly south for the evening to feed. It’s fascinating, especially seeing it from the water. Austin has one of the largest bat populations in the nation.

So for $15 – $25 you can enjoy the peacefulness of the water, the sound of the boat gliding over the surface, or the majesty (also a little creepy) of millions of bats swirling into clouds and shooting down the river.

Something about the calmness of the water, your gliding past cliffs and trees, the resistance of the paddles against the current, puts you back in your place in this Universe. It’s symbolic of our powering our way through life, meeting the resistance we all face when working toward change.

And yet, it’s that effort that allows you to [Read more…]

For the Thrill of It

I know I’ve talked about this before, and definitely in my book, The Most Selfish Woman in America, How to Make Your Divorce the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You!

You need to do something that takes your breath away!

I’m talking about one of those experiences where you find yourself squealing like a little girl . . . OK, work with me here!

This week I took “flight” on a Skycoaster. It is a cross between skydiving and hang-gliding on the end of a cable. You are harnessed onto the end of a very long cable and pulled up 183 feet to the top of a very tall pole. Then after you make peace with what you must do, you pull a “rip cord” and start diving/falling straight towards the ground until the cable swings you out and up to it’s pinnacle. Then you fall back from wince you came, just to do it all again. You swing like a pendulum, back and forth, until your momentum is completely spent, and you are left dangling and in awe.

The whole experience is thrilling and [Read more…]

How To Live In The “Big Babe World”

One of my favorite sports commentators is Mary Carillo. She describes the world of women’s tennis as “Big Babe Tennis.” I love that!

Here is my hommage to that description:

I choose to live in the “Big Babe World.”

I will never be that skinny, gaunt woman in the room, who is too worried about how she looks to other people (not to mention grumpy from hunger). Or who is too self-conscious to voice her opinions, and enjoy her life.

I will be the healthy, happy woman in the room, who is commanding attention, and glowing with confidence.

We have to start working with what Mother Nature gave us, and stop thinking we have to be something we are not.

Exercising, being active, enjoying your life, and living in the “Big Babe World” is a conscious¬†decision. Make it!

One aspect of living in the “Big Babe World” is making the most of our physical self. Not striving for the unrealistic image projected by the media. It’s being the best our body can be.

This is where exercise comes in. It just takes discipline, which you are needing in other parts of your life right now, anyway. If you can master self-discipline here, you can apply it to all other areas of your life.

Think about it this way:  You will be taking control of your body and health, just like you are taking control of your life and your happiness.

The results will be confidence and pride, not to mention a sexier, healthier, happier You! And we haven’t even talked about the endorphins you get. How great it that?

Also, increase your basic daily activity level. Go out as often as possible. And I don’t mean cruising. I mean taking the dog for a walk, going to see live music in the park, enjoying different festivals in your town. What ever form it takes, explore where you live. You will be increasing your daily caloric use, and having fun at the same time.

The more you get out and do new things, the more active your life is, and the more you expose yourself to new experiences and new people.

This is one of our goals.

Another aspect of living in the “Big Babe World” is living large in your personality.

Being the dynamic personality that you have inside, you just haven’t always had the confidence to let it shine.

This is another one of our goals.

We are going to work on that….. aren’t we?

Happy Living!


The Most Selfish Woman in America!