The Most Selfish Woman in America Show Notes with Laura Fenamore

Well, it happened! My first broadcast of my radio show on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio yesterday!


It was fantastic! I love it! Great fun!

I want to share the experience with you, so I am providing you with a brief rundown of what was on the show.

My guest was Laura Fenamore, founder of Laura is a woman with an amazing story, and has turned her life experience into a mission to guide women to love what they see in the mirror. Her popular Body Image Mastery program helps women lose weight, reclaim their self-esteem, and start living bold, happy lives.

Laura’s having overcome her own battle with addiction, obesity, and eating disorders, she released 100 pounds 24 years ago and began a journey of guiding other women to live more joyous, balanced lives.

We talked about:

* Taking responsibility for your own happiness and your future, no longer being a victim; taking control of your health and your body

* How fear is a crippler – it can stop people from making major change in their marriages, their jobs, with their bodies, and how fear is self-imposed

* You have to release the old, negative tapes from your past and make new, positive ones though your thoughts and environmental input

-Being around positive people, not negative ones, which is sometimes challenging

-Saying positive things about yourself, not self-deprecating things

-Exposing yourself to motivational and inspirational input, not negative media sensationalism

* How society perceives over weight people, especially the way the media tells us that we are not good enough if we are not bone thin, and others buy into that thinking, perpetuating the madness

* The importance of acknowledging that feelings are self-imposed; no one can make you feel anything; only you can accept those feeling that you are going to feel, and once you realize that, you become empowered and in control of your happiness.

* Participating in the negative perpetuates the negative, and that is what you are trying to get away from. Don’t participate!

Laura also covered some [Read more…]

Enjoy Recovering from Divorce

It is important to enjoy yourself now more than ever. One way to accomplish this is to explore the activities your area has to offer.

I live in Austin where a river runs through downtown. There are rowing and kayaking businesses that offer access for everyone. If you are a novice, they will teach you. If you know how to row, you can go off on your own. They also offer events where you can start at one end of the river, and row down to the other end and watch the bats come out of the Congress Ave. bridge to fly south for the evening to feed. It’s fascinating, especially seeing it from the water. Austin has one of the largest bat populations in the nation.

So for $15 – $25 you can enjoy the peacefulness of the water, the sound of the boat gliding over the surface, or the majesty (also a little creepy) of millions of bats swirling into clouds and shooting down the river.

Something about the calmness of the water, your gliding past cliffs and trees, the resistance of the paddles against the current, puts you back in your place in this Universe. It’s symbolic of our powering our way through life, meeting the resistance we all face when working toward change.

And yet, it’s that effort that allows you to [Read more…]

Don’t Despair, Just Be Happy!

As wrong as it is, bad things happen to everybody.

Being the control freaks/problem solvers we are, we think we could or should have been able to prevent this stab in the heart, whatever form it takes. We over analyze the signs we should have seen, or how we could have planned ahead to avoid the dreaded outcome.

Reality is we can’t! No matter how hard we try to control everything in our world to keep negative things from happening, they still do. As long as other people are involved in the equation, you do not have the ultimate control. All of their “baggage” can’t help but seep into their interaction with other people, and there you are, effected by other peoples’ “stuff.” They’ve had a whole other life happen long before you were exposed to them, and you don’t know where they’ve been!

The sooner you face this, the happier your life will be. The sooner you embrace the idea of going with the flow, the healthier and less stressful your existence will be. All you can control is how you choose to respond to what happen to you. That is in your control.

You can choose to respond with a positive attitude, and make sure things turn out in the best way possible, or you can wallow in self pity, pout… still not changing anything… and prolong the misery. Your Choice!

There is an instant freedom in this reality. Once you accept the fact that you are not responsible for what happens to everything and everyone in your life, you think about things differently. Your creative juices flow free and clear again. You don’t take everything so personally. Your ability to choose a positive response becomes much easier. You don’t have the burden of the world on your shoulders anymore. You get back in emotional balance. You are able to enjoy life again.

And isn’t that what life should be about?

Happy Living!


The Most Selfish Woman in America!