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Christia-Sale-CoachingBeing divorced can make you feel overwhelmed, lost, miserably sad and exhausted. Feeling happy seems like a distant memory. Being excited to get up every morning seems unobtainable.

But no longer. Life is too short for that.

I’m here to bring you out of the darkness of divorce and into the brilliance of your new life. I can teach you how to release your past and the power it has over you. You will find your passions and purpose for this new phase of life. You will find your spark again.

I will show you how to choose to be happy. Because it is your choice. I will give you ACTION Steps and Tools for Success.

Your days of sadness are about to come to an end. Let’s get started!

One hour of Life After Divorce Coaching with Christia Sale, guiding you out of the chaos of your misery and into the happiness of your Dream Life. We will identify your life’s passion, your talents, and how to integrate them into your Dream Life. I will teach you how to release the past and the debilitating power it has over you. I will teach you how to not participate in the negative and choose a positive response to life. I will teach you how to dictate your future and success. All sessions confidential. With your first paid coaching session, you will be given an additional 30 minutes free to familiarize me with your situation. Once a session has been purchased, you will be contacted to set up a convenient appointment time.


In celebration of our new The SELFISH Woman’s Club:

I am offering the following coaching packages for a limited time to members:

Five sessions @ 20% discount:  $507

Seven sessions @ 20% discount:  $717

To become a member of The SELFISH Woman’s Club, join on my meet-up page, even if you don’t live in the Austin area. This will allow me to keep track of the original members while the details are put in place for the official organization. Early members will be rewarded for their membership with discounts on all future teleseminars and trainings.


SELFISH Woman’s Club Member Discount